Why Agents choose to work with 100% Commission Flat Fee Brokerage?

Updated: Aug 10

Many of the agents are choosing 100% commission real estate because it allows them to keep all the commission. So, why are so many agents prefer to work with 100% commission brokerage?

5 basic reasons to join 100% Commission Real Estate.

1: When agents work with 100% commission brokerage, they will get 100% of their commission. They will make more money and no need to feed a big chunk of their earnings to the broker's mouth. Agents don't need to worry about giving a big piece of their commission to the brokerage company.

2: Traditional brokerage companies confuse their agents in their business strategies and plans. They don't make their fee structure and commission split clear to the agents. They trick the agents and have more commission. With 100% commission, it's simple, clear, and easy. All you have to do is pay a flat fee per transaction to the brokerage company.

3: 100% commission brokerage based on flexible nature. No restriction like old brick and mortar companies. Agents are free to sell as many and as less they want. They don't have to worry about feeding brokerage. They can work from where they want. There is no restriction to sit in the office and work. With 100% commission agents can work from their home as well.

4: A high-quality real estate brokerage needs to lessen fatigue and stress for their agents. Working with 100% commission, agents work in a relaxed environment. No need to drive to the office, carry bundle of document files and follow tough schedules of meetings.

a 5: With 100% commission agents work on their own. They have more control over their business. This type of brokerage allows agents to have more control over their finance, time, and business. Agents are their own boss! They don't have to work for someone's company. Agents don't have to follow someone's instructions.

Join CURB 100% commission Brokerage and work independently...

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