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The New Virtual Realtor

Updated: Feb 10

The New Virtual Realtor

What the heck is a Virtual Real Estate Agency ? Virtual, Online, 100% Commission, Flat Fee. Any of those terms sound familiar ? If not they soon will be.

Like it or not, the Virtual real estate office model is here and growing. Most agents are already working from their kitchen table now, so essentially they have already disappeared from the brick and mortar real estate office and by default have become a Virtual Real Estate Agent. So if the agents are already not using the office why in the world are they paying the sky high commissions to the old school brokerages ?? ..FEAR.

Fear is what drives people. We don't like change and are deathly afraid of it. Why does everyone always sit in the same seats at church every week ? People like what they are familiar with and change isn't cracking the top 10 bucket list items.

Switching over the 100% Commission Virtual Online Flat Fee Real Estate Brokerage Company model is frightening to people, ..even though they know they could make a lot more money. What is frightening to me is, waking up after years of needlessly throwing thousands and thousands of dollars away to realize all it took was a simple call and new business cards.

The world has become much more convenient and many ways with all the wonderful online tools available to us. Those tools are also available for Realtors to take advantage of. Don't waste the opportunity to keep your 100% of your commission in your pocket where it belongs !

Virtual real estate brokers are the future of the real estate industry. CURB Realty is the best virtual real estate agency that offers referral agent in real estate an opportunity to keep 100 percent commission. ..What's not to like about that ? When you are ready to stop paying high commission splits to your current California brokerage for an office you rarely use give us a call.

See our video below to see how we roll.

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