100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage. Is it Too Good to be True?

Updated: Feb 11

In a 100% commission, real estate business model agents will get 100% of their commission. Is it a rumor or do they actually get all their commission?

A real estate agent works for the commission. It is important for the agents to know how different brokerage companies form their commission structures. Most of the traditional brokerage gives a 15 to 50% split of the commission.

Then, how 100% commission brokerage works?

Let's talk about how do 100% commission structure works. When an agent joins a brokerage with a 100% commission model. They receive 100% of the commission with each transaction. Generally, they will pay some sort of flat fee for each transaction. As a real estate professional, it is important for the agent to consider what is better. More traditional commission split or a 100% commission model. There is a huge number of various companies that claim to be 100% commission Flat Fee Real Estate brokerage. But there are only a few companies that manage to follow 100% of the commission structure. CURB PURPLE HOUSE Realty is one of the leading 100% commission real estate companies. In the CURB case, the escrow company actually gives the entire commission check directly to the agents. As opposed to the old school brokerage where the money is first sent to a broker who gets his hands on it. He takes out whatever splits, charges, and fees the agent is required to pay. Whatever leftover after all the fees are taken out, the broker then cuts a check to the agent for the commission.

That's why CURB encourages agents to reinvest their own businesses. CURB real estate companies have experienced unbelievable growth. Because agents are realizing this 100% commission model actually exists. If you want to keep all your commission. I encourage you to take a serious step and welcome you to join CURB PURPLE HOUSE Realty today.

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