Who the heck is Ronny Santana ?


When I am not running CURB Realty you will find me with my hunka hunka burnin' love 

wife and 2 boys; Joel & Noah, doing something fun or traveling somewhere exotic. With

me being American, my wife European, and our kiddos godmother Japanese,

a pedestrian lifestyle is not plausible.  My other time is devoted to doing ministry as a

family via music or speaking at various venues as well as a writer.


Why I do this ?


In the online world, there is a slew of information on every subject known to man. Some accurate, some not. My hope of this blog will bring at least a modicum of factual information to the questions realtors may have about the 100% commission virtual online flat fee real estate brokerage world. ..(How many keywords can I possibly jam into one sentence ?)


What I can do for you ?


Well, if you are a real estate agent in California I can put more money in your pocket, ...period !  How does only $595 per transaction with no gimmicks sound to you ?

When you are ready to stop giving away your money to your chain real estate company for a desk that you don't use, give us a call. 888-279-4230  KeepYourCommission.com

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